What is Laser Lipo?

Have you got those annoying places on your body, that no matter how hard you tone and exercise, the fatty deposits just won't shift ? Or are you just wanting to lose those quick couple of inches? Here at the Devon Clinic we have team of dedicated technicians ready to help you! 

Just call 01803 500300 to book or email reception@devonclinic.co.uk

Not only do we treat you with our Strawberry Laser Lipo machine, we are also here to provide full support and motivation when you need it most. We combine strategic exercise  plans bespoke for your needs and information on how to improve your diet . With a range of therapies to choose from, and individual weight loss packages available, we can help you whatever the problem may be. We even have an on-site Hypnotherapist, an Allergy Specialist, an Acupuncturist and a Personal Trainer should you need them.

This treatment is available for women and men of all shapes and sizes. Typically 2-5 cms average reduction in waistline is achieved in each session. Treatments are for 1 Hour including 10 minutes on our Vibration Plate. With a course of 5 - 8 sessions you can achieve dramatic results!

An additional benefit of using our laser lipo machine is it promotes skin tightening too! This, combined with other effects, could really boost your self esteem as well as improving your confidence.