10 Healthy Meals in 10 Minutes 

All too often we hear "I just don't have the time to eat healthily."

The meals below all take 10 minutes or less to prepare, and only use fresh, low fat and healthy Ingredients. This makes them all an ideal alternative to ready-made, chilled or frozen foods. These often contain high levels of fat, salt and sugar. If possible aim to buy fresh foods. If you have a slow cooker, use it, they're a great way to come home to a healthy, nutritious meal which can be made the night before quite easily.

Fast foods often contain many additives, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. The meals below all take 10 minutes or less to cook, which is often quicker than most freezer or fridge-to-oven meals.

 So no more excuses. You really can eat fresh and healthy meals all the time. 

1. Baked fish – (any fish is OK). Have a different one every week, so you can try different tastes. You  will soon discover your             favourites. Serve on a bed of baby spinach with a side dish of roasted mixed vegetables.
2. Chicken pieces glazed with pesto and topped with a tiny amount of grated cheese. Serve with a big green salad.

3. Lamb cutlets with a jacket potato and lightly steamed veg. (You can microwave the           jacket potato until  almost cooked, then just pop it in the oven for 10 minutes to crisp
    the skin if you prefer it this way.

4. Omelette filled with tomatoes and ham. Serve with an avocado salad.

5. Vegetable kebabs with brown or wild rice.

6. Pasta salad. Cook the pasta, and then toss in lightly steamed baby sweet corn or             mange tout and baby carrots.

7. Baked beans on wholemeal toast with a poached egg on top.

8. Turkey breast with a honey and mustard glaze, roasted vegetables and baby new potatoes.

9. Pork stir fry. Use loads of bean sprouts, nuts, raisins and any other fresh  vegetables.

10.Tinned tuna or salmon with a big mixed salad - without Mayonnaise