How does Laser Lipo work ?

When the laser paddles are placed on the skin, the cool red laser lights penetrate just deep enough to reach the layers of fat. When the light hits the adipocyte (fat) cells, a rapid chain of events takes place. Firstly, pores form on the cells causing them 'sweat' and spill out their contents. Water, Glycerol and fatty acids spill out of the fat cells and move into the interstitial spaces beneath the fatty layer in the skin. As the treatment continues additional water, fatty acids and Glycerol spill out. The adipocytes (fat) cells are therefore reduced in size.

These effects do not affect the neighbouring structures such as the skin, blood vessels or nerves.The lymphatic system then removes the fat through the venous system, where they are processed in the same way as fatty foods that are digested. 

*Immediately after your treatment session we strongly recommend using our in-house vibration plate for 10 minutes to increase circulation and blood flow. 

Below is a diagram showing how far the laser penetrates into the skin